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Online store is the first store of its kind in the Republic of Moldova. Our online store appreciates traditional products made by hand, and takes a very diligent approach to their selection. We value the heritage and culture of the Moldovan people, part of which are the given products. We are pleased to offer our range of products to all those people, who are also interested in culture and understand the value of products and gifts having and bearing imprints of our history.

Our main objective is to promote traditional arts, handicrafts and to cultivate love of everything genuine, traditional and national. Our online store’s range of products will be varied to suit all tastes. Our main principle is to work with the manufacturers and craftsmen directly, which will allow leaving the manufacturers’ purchase price and guaranteeing high quality and uniqueness of the product along with that.

Now you have the opportunity to purchase traditional Moldavian handicraft of our craftsmen. Craftsmen having a lot of experience in artistic wood carving and metalwork, production of leather and fur items, willow twinning, corn weaving, carpet weaving, weaving, ceramics, embroidery and knitting of handmade traditional costumes offer you the most unusual and impressive products in Moldavian national style.

Furthermore site provides you with data on the history of folk arts and traditions, as well as many details about Moldavian traditions and customs, which can help you organize holidays in the traditional Moldavian style, as well as present your family and guests with unique gifts.

In order to buy products online you need to register with our site. This procedure will greatly simplify the possibility of purchases, and you will be able to track the history of transactions.

Purchases may be paid in cash ‒ on delivery, by wire transfer or by credit card.


Thank you for choosing to follow the age-old traditions and we invite you to the world of authentic Moldavian traditions.

We welcome you to our website and hope that the service we offer will allow you to shop quickly, easily and simply.



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